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Glossary Redesign

We’re always asking ourselves how we can help users when they get stuck while working through our courses. I had an idea at a company hackathon that turned into a big project.

For the past few weeks we’ve been running my idea as an experiment… Continue reading

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Learn Page Redesign

We’ve recently launched our new Learn Page. In case you haven’t noticed, please see it in detail here.

This redesign was long overdue and we’ve collected many tips and ideas from our community over the past few months. The goals of the new layout were the following:

Provide a clearer order and grouping of content, divided between individual languages and goal-driven paths (Web Projects and APIs for now).
Suggest a clear starting point for newcomers (Web Fundamentals) placed at the very top of the page.
Deliver an indication of progress on all initiated tracks. Notice how the “Explore” button changes into a “Continue” button with corresponding completion percentage on all ongoing courses.
Offer a redesign more in line with our brand and existing color scheme.

We hope you like it, and as always please let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

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The Long Wait

How did you get started with programming?I started programming in the beginning of January 2013. I’m originally from Brazil and got married in November to my American girlfriend. During the paperwork process I couldn’t work or study so it was … Continue reading

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Teaching the Universal Language

How did you first discover Codecademy?

I came upon Codecademy around December of last year, when the Code Year was being advertised. I’d been doing some low-level Google Apps scripting and a bit of HTML maintenance on our school webpage, and … Continue reading

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