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New Tracks: Web, jQuery, and JavaScript

Just over a year ago, Codecademy started with a single JavaScript course. Since then, we’ve built out the JavaScript language track and added curricula for HTML/CSS, the jQuery library, Python, and Ruby.

As we’ve developed these courses, we’v… Continue reading

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Nate Silver the witch

So, it’s 100% accuracy for Nate Silver from 538. He called all 50 states accurately.

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FL called

Scratch the last, FL is called for Obama   Currently. it’s 49.24 vs 49.9 in the Presidents favor, with the last few counties coming in known to be heavily Democratic. Source: Miami Herald

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Time to take it in

It’s interesting to see the coverage from Fox to CNN to NPR, and listen to the Facebook chatter as everyone takes in the results. Of course, MATH told us 3 months ago, this was a done deal, however I’m starting … Continue reading

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Welsh teachers and Codecademy

We’ve spent a lot of time working on ways to reach out not only to individual students, but also to educators who can help groups of students learn. To that end, we’ve created things like our after school kits. Today, we’re pleased to announce our newest partnership with Computer Science teachers in Wales.

Codecademy Cymru—a joint program between Codecademy and the Welsh Computing At School (CAS)—will feature a custom curriculum to help teach computer science in schools across Wales. This collaboration marks another small step in our international expansion. For Welsh teachers interested in joining in, please sign in here.

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